Address Book Solution

Hi everyone,

I am searching for a way to create an address book where I can safely store client information. I have been looking into CRM software and standard address book solutions (like Outlook for instance) but I am constantly thrown back because most systems don’t allow user defined fields. Since my field of work is everything but standard, I really need a customisable solution and I was wondering if the Kirby Community could brainstorm with me on this.


  • possibility to export csv file (complete but also based on categories or search results)
  • New contacts should be (preferably automatically) synced with MailChimp or CampaignMonitor
  • New subscription on website should be added to address book
  • easily searchable
  • possibility to add taggs to a contact
  • Preferably stored locally
  • possibility to link contacts

I’m probably asking way too much, but if you have any suggestions as to whether I can achieve this with Kirby or if you know about a more out of the box solution, I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for reading and for your suggestions.

Have you tried ?
Maybe it’s something for you… at least a starting point.


I was going to suggest Bento, but it seems to have been discontinued in favour of Filemaker. It’s essentially a database with a GUI on top that you can customise, and it will turn it into an app. You can create your custom CRM system with it, I’m sure.

Thanks Svnt. I did browse through that ‘theme’ but I’m afraid it’s not what I’m after.

Filemaker was indeed my first thought, but it was discouraged by our ICT department. I’ll look into it again. Thanks.