VCard Plugin for Kirby v3

Hi people, I made my first Kirby Plugin. Will help you generate VCards for your contact profiles. It’s a simple Wrapper for this VCard Library but I’m proud I managed all the Github/Composer stuff.

You can try it here:


I have updated the plugin to be able to install without Composer. <3

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That looks nice! Thank you very much!

I suggest that in the future it should be possible to have multiple contact fields in ONE page blueprint in order to be able to arrange multiple such contact downloads on the same webpage of the website.

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Thanks for your comment @anon77445132, you can do that easily referencing the collection item from which you want to create the VCard. You can send a param via GET referencing that item. I will do an example for the docs when I have some time. Thanks for sharing your input!

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I want to have the possibility to edit the informations of each contact in the Panel. Therefore I ask for a blueprint addition, at the moment I don’t know how you can do this…

But this has time…