Adding list items

Hej all,

I want to achieve the following task:
I have a list (ul) on a page. it is not a navigation or menu. Now i want to add or delete list items from the panel.
Is that possible? and what kind of field type would i need to use?

You can either use a simple textarea and input the list as Markdown or you can use a structure field.
If you need the list items to have even more structured information (and also files), you can use subpages and build the list from your template.

thanks Lukas.

I wanted to get around the subpages method, because it’s more or less sentences i need to add or delete. they’re not even links.
I would love to have a convenient way in panel because i’m not doing the editing by myself…

Then I would go for a structure field as @lukasbestle suggested. Your editors then simply add a new entry for each list item and can even sort the entries after they have been added. And with the new toStructure() method for structure fields, these fields are easier to handle than ever before.

Got it to work. Structure fields are ace! Everyday i learn something awesome about Kirby!

Thanks a lot!

I was waiting for that ace! response :smiley: