Adding guest enquiries to the panel

Hi all - I’m wondering if there is already an established method of doing the following:

I’d like to create a very rudimentary enquiry list in the panel. Ideally a user would submit an enquiry form on the site and this enquiry would show in in the panel, ideally in a table such as a row in a structured table.

Instead of using an email form where an email would be sent, this way the details can be added into the panel.

I’ve checked the plugins directly and docs and couldn’t see anything but it’s entirely possible I’ve missed something!

Many thanks

No, but in a similar way like you can upload images from a form, you can use Kirby’s API to create new pages or update a structure field.

There was a cookbook recipe for K2 how to create pages, and the general principle is still the same in Kirby 3 (the API has changed a bit), you haven’t indicated which Kirby version you are using.