Adding colons ( : ) to content in panel fields

Hi there! I googled and searched about the following question prior to posting it here, but found nothing =)

Is it possible, and if yes how, to add colons to content ie. in a panel field? For example:

Content: And here it comes: some very important text.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

You mean in the blueprints?

No, in the content text files actually.

I have following structure:

Title: About us

Text: Pay attention to this: some dummy text.

The thing is that the colon in the Text field after “this” tells kirby, that “this” is another field. Is there a way I can escape the colon so it doesn’t gets interpreted as a field?

Thank you.

I have no problem with adding colons in text fields without escaping. What version of Kirby do you use? Fields are separated by four dashes (----), not by colons.

I’m using Kirby 2.2.3.

You’re right. The problem is regarding the use of colons in blueprints (yaml).

I found this related question: Possible problem parsing kirbytext within YAML structured field

Thank you!