ActiveCampaign integration in kirby and uniform plugin

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has anyone done some integration to ActiveCampaign with kirby and the uniform plugin? I mean that data is transferred to ActiveCampaign, when for example a newsletter checkbox is set in a website form (created with uniform plugin)?

As I am totally lost right now, I would be happy to hear ideas on that.


From what I can tell, ActiveCampaign provide the form code for you to add to the site. Ive not worked with it before, but if its anything like MailChimp, they will provide a “naked” form for you to apply CSS too. The important bit is where the form posts too, and probably the ID names of all the inputs. If you keep those and tie those into Uniforms server side validation, it should work i guess.

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They have an API you can use to create new contacts. Together with a custom action in Uniform, you should be able to achieve that, if you don’t want to use the form they provide.

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I don’t think it makes sense to mix the service’s form and the Uniform plugin. Those forms are usually meant to send the data directly to the service provider where then information is then stored and the validation is done.

Unless you have reason to store some information locally, I’d use the form provided by the service and let them do the handling (subscribe, unsubscribe etc).

If your form does multiple things that are handled locally for a reason, I’d use Uniform and then use the API to send for example the email address to the service via a custom action.

Absolutly… I’m just basing it on doing something similar for mail chimp which wanted me to load in another copy of jQuery and a megaton of CSS just to handle the validation at my end. I ditched that and did my own in Javascript (basically this CSS tricks guide if it helps anyone), but i figured it would be nicer (and safer) to lean on Uniforms server side stuff.

But, sure, its best to go with what they provide, or go the API route if you want to roll your own.

The case would be that is a “normal” contact form, that also should connect to ActiveCampaign. So the API would be the better idea, right?

Yes, I think so. Creating a custom action shouldn’t be such a big deal with Uniform, and the API also looks quite straightforward. Kirby has the Request class that facilitates API calls.

There’s even an example in the docs:

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