Accessibility Concerns When Using Kirby?

Hi all,
I’m taking on a new project building a website and accessibility of the site for screen readers is extremely integral. While I know that accessibility is mostly a matter of making smart implementation choices, I did have a few questions about how it intersects with Kirby specifically.

  1. The new layout module is extremely helpful with allowing users to style a page themselves without weird workarounds, however, when translated into HTML, is the resulting code easily readable by screen readers?
  2. Are there best practices for keeping accessibility in mind specifically for using Kirby?
  3. Along with best practices, are there resources (either official or third-party) that address these considerations?

If there are examples of good accessible websites built with Kirby, I’d appreciate those too!


When we are talking about the website itself, i.e., the user-facing frontend, then there is actually nothing that you would have to keep in mind specifically with regard to Kirby. Yes, the blocks come with their own HTML, but all block snippets can all be replaced with your own easily should it turn out that there is anything problematic from an a11y perspective. I don’t think there is anything in those blocks that renders them inaccessible.

Nothing Kirby specific I’d say.

We don’t have anything in our docs, but there are a lot of resources online. I often link to interesting resources in our Kosmos newsletter, so you should be able to find some links there.

Here are some resources that contain links to other projects and resources: