A11y: Kirby Panel WCAG 2.1 compatible?

Hi all,

I’ve been using Kirby CMS for a wide range of projects, including ones that need to be WCAG 2.1 compatible. Accessibility in the frontend is to be handled by me as the developer of course (and luckily Kirby makes that very easy), but many clients are mandating this for the backend as well.

So I’m wondering whether there’s any certification of the Kirby Panel that I could point my clients to or whether that’s something that’s on the roadmap. I recognise getting official certification can be cumbersome, but even some communication on getkirby.com regarding accessibility of the panel would be very helpful to have.


Hey David,

we are constantly working on improving the a11y for the panel and made quite a lot of changes in Kirby 4 to eventually get to full compatibility. But to be honest with you, we are not there yet. If you or your clients run into a11y issues, they are to be considered bugs and you should definitely report them on Github. I’m sorry that I can’t simply point you at a certificate right now. I wish I could.