Accents and diacritics replaced with dash in appendix / slug?

In a similar vein to this older question: Different URL-appendix on page creation and "Create from title" button

If I paste a title with an accent in it, it is always replaced with a dash in the appendix/slug and I find myself having to manually adjust each occurrence.

Working on a French site with a fair bit of data to add it is proving a bit cumbersome and I was wondering if this is a bug or expected behaviour?

This is on a fresh plainkit install of 3.2.4 and Firefox 69.0b16, OS X 10.14.16

Would you mind trying the same thing in 3.2.3 on fresh install?
Because an update was made in 3.2.4 about this.

It should work correctly if you set

'slugs' => 'fr'

in your config.php return array.

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@texnixe unfortunately this didn’t seem to solve the problem on 3.2.4. I’ll give it a try in 3.2.3 however.

This issue fixed on 3.2.5 that will release few days later

@waffl Can’t remember with which version I tested, anyway, does it work as expected now?

Yes I can confirm it is working now in 3.2.5!