A starter theme for developers


I created a starter theme to enhance the task of building fully functional websites. It contains almost all expected features of any conventional website. Also provides resource inheritance which means extensions can inherit theme’s fields and snippets, pretty much like a child theme (if you will).


  • Highly functional structure
  • Transparent design
  • Built for customization
  • Shortchodes: columns, buttons, and custom elements
  • Multi-language
  • Custom front page
  • Search page
  • Modular CSS
  • Resource inheritance: custom pages and plugins can inherit theme’s fields and snippets
  • Beginner friendly
  • Free plugins in the making

Note it has a very specific approach as it has a very specific goal.

Demo: https://heyallan.com/hyperkirby/


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Maybe a bug?

Got it! Thanks for pointing out.

:zap: New Release: v2.2.0

  • :open_book: classic blog layout
  • :bellhop_bell: widgets:
    • newsletter
    • search
    • tagcloud
    • related pages
    • recent pages
  • :email: contact form
  • :de: german translation

Demo: https://heyallan.com/hyperkirby/en