A new tool to collect ideas and feature requests 🎉

We’ve been using our good old rusty ideas repo on Github for a long time to collect all your feature request and ideas (https://github.com/getkirby/ideas) but it has gotten to a point where it’s no longer manageable for us.

That’s why we are currently testing a new feedback tool that is super promising so far: https://kirby.nolt.io

Start adding your ideas and upvoting existing ones. It would also be great if you could move over your existing ideas from Github.

We are excited to hear your thoughts about the new feedback tool!

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Started to add my existing ideas. Nolt look great!

I just can’t add this one ( https://github.com/getkirby/ideas/issues/519 ) because I have an error without any clue.

Hm, I have no idea why you cannot submit it. I guess because of the code examples. Did you try the preview button at the bottom? Does the preview get rendered correctly?

Yes the preview work well. I removed the code example and it worked.

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