503 Kirby site in subdomain

I’m trying to install the latest Kirby in a subdomain (remote lightspeed server) and I’m greeted with a 503 error, made some pages for a client to check using just the content folder without the panel.
I’ve checked the max_execution_time which is 60, memory_limit is 512M, switched between php 8 and 7.4 with no change.

This is strange because I’ve got another Kirby site (3.6) running on the same server in a subdomain.

Not sure how to start solving this, any tips?

For now I’ve uploaded the site to another remote apache server and all is fine.
Any suggestions or maybe experience with lightspeed servers are welcome, thx

Have you tried to set the url in your main config?

I guess you have already compared the server configuration of the site that runs file with the current setup?

Thanks for the suggestion, gives me some options to try out. I compared servers but I might very well have missed something. It’s not priority now but I have to find some time to look into it again.

A 5xx HTTP error is always due to some error on the webserver. The webserver should be configured to write a logfile, hence the best approach would be contacting your provider and ask for the server logfile for the given date/time.

Yes, thanks for the advice