404 on index.php on remote

I am suddendly getting ‘404 not found’ on the remote version of a site.
The local version is working fine, and the remote was working fine until recently.

I’ve done many changes to snippets, templates, controllers, assets js and css etc so it would be good to know what could cause a 404, particularly only in a remote server.

Again, it works on local and was working on remote until I pushed last changes.

Additionally, I can access a .txt file in the root folder, but index.php returns 404 not found still.

and I can also access a phpinfo() php test file in the root folder, and it seems to work just fine.

Thank you

So you don’t get a Kirby 404 page, but something directly from the server? Is the index.php present and readable?

Uh, this fixed itself overnight without any interaction.

I think something about my deployment method (post-receive hook on a bare git repo) may have raised a flag at the hosting provider, because the post-receive hook lacked +x permission.

When I push via ssh to the bare repo, the hook deploys with checkout -f to the live (test) public folder, perhaps that raised a flag somehow, then the 404 and the u-x on the post-receive hook, who knows.

Solved anyway, thank you.