2.5.10 is here to fix the annoying sorting bug

Quite a few of you reported weird sorting issues in the panel in 2.5.9. Unfortunately we ran into an unexpected behavior of PHP’s sorting flags, when we tried to fix sorting issues in languages with special characters. PHP is sometimes really a joy to work with :confused: It turns out that you have to decide between sorting numbers right or sorting strings with foreign characters right. We are still trying to convince PHP into getting both right at the same time. *sigh* We are really sorry for the inconvenience!

Here’s the bug-fix release: https://getkirby.com/changelog/kirby-2-5-10

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Looks like the download link is still pointing to 2.5.9 :wink:

@manuelmoreale that was just a test for the first couple downloaders to see if they spot the difference at all :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously: it’s already fixed.

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I’m still experiencing the problem unfortunately:

old kirby website upgraded to 2.5.9 a couple of weeks ago, and right now updated to 2.5.10. Logged out from the panel, deleted the kirby cookie, logged in. Still not reordering.

Any hint on how to debug this?


on the server seems to work fine, on the barebones php -S localhost:8000 running php 7.1 not yet.

Hm, I just did a test with the built-in server and can’t reproduce this issue (PHP 7.1.14). All reordering works as expected. We are talking about reordering 10+ visible pages, right?

Yes, actually something like ~ 30 visible pages. Might have been a little glitch, just glad it’s working on the server.