2.4.0 beta 1 Site settings cannot be saved

I have installed a new starterkit 2.3.2, then changed the kirby and panel directory with the downloaded zip’s with “Kirby 2.4.0 beta 1”.

After entering the panel, I go to the “Site options”.
After changing something in the title field I hit the “Save” button.

Now I get

the error “Undefined variable: data”.

Something is wrong.


  • I can save normal pages though.
  • It is the same with PHP/5.4.27 (older XAMPP).

Yes, I can reproduce this and have created an issue on GitHub.

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This is now fixed on the dev branch.

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I will test this in the next days. Thanks for updating!

I can confirm that this is solved now (version 2016-10-12].

Thank you very much!