Can't change fields in panel and can't upload files

I have a really strange error that I can’t understand and for which I can’t find a solution.

  1. I can change field values in the panel and also save them, but they are gone again after a refresh. No caching is active.

  2. for some fields I can change them, save them and they are also accepted. Some fields cannot be saved at all, especially the Pages field.

  3. i can’t upload files either. But all permissions seem to fit

The information you provide is a little thin :wink:

  • Kirby version
  • multilanguage or single
  • Remote server or local
  • When did it stop working?
  • Reproducible in a fresh Starterkit?
  • Plugins installed that might cause issues?
  • Really no caching, or something like Cloudflare?
  • If reproducible in Starterkit, steps to reproduce…

Thank you!

Hi Sonja,

Thank you for your quick message. We were able to fix the “error” in the meantime, although it was really very strange how Kirby behaved here. I would never have thought that it was related to the upload_tmp_dir that Kirby can no longer write the files.

But thank goodness we found the error after some hours of research. Of course we also tried it with a new StarterKit and got the same errors there.

The hoster has carried out a domain change for us and has probably adapted the upload_tmp_dir to the old domain and forgotten to change it during the domain change.

At first I thought it was because I manually reset a multilingual instance to a single language. Also checked plugins, caching etc. but found no errors. It was just strange that only some fields could be saved and some not. Doesn’t really make sense to me yet either :grin: