10 years and counting…

Kirby is 10!

The very first version of Kirby was released on January 09, 2012.
Here’s how it all started: 10th anniversary | Kirby CMS

Let’s be a little nostalgic together. We’d love to hear your Kirby stories from the last 10 years in the new 10 Discord channel.

Thank you for brilliant 10 years


Bravooo :clap:

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Love the page! Congrats! :partying_face:

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I really enjoyed reading the story. Thanks for sharing!

Kirby is a fantastic CMS, the website (and docs!) look great and the content is very well written, the youtube videos are nice, the newsletter is a goldmine… Kirby makes webdevelopment fun again.

I believe in Kirby and i’m sure the future looks bright :wink:


Excellent read and a very well deserved 10 year anniversary.