Writer possible to embed video and add images?

In the Blueprint I have a lot of writer fields.

The client wants to be able to embed YouTube videos on the website. And add photographs.

This doesn’t seem possible in the writer?

Is it possible to do this without having to use Page Builder and Blocks?

In writer, no. You can use a textarea field with Kirbytags.

Yeah, but textarea and KirbyText and Markdown are not client friendly.

Writer is client friendly (sort of a WYSIWYG), but is more limited than textarea.

So there’s this WYSIWYG that can add images: TinyMCE Editor - Oweb Studio

It say’s it is for Kirby 3. So not sure if it works for Kirby 4

It would be more customer-friendly to use blocks and/or layouts that are intended for such purposes. Before the site continues to grow, and you run into a dead end, I would change the blueprint. The TinyMCE editor only complicates the construct unnecessarily.

Okay, thanks, I’ll have a think about using Blocks