Working with unminified code of panel

Trying to extend the panel with my own pages.

I see that in the latest kirby everything is loaded using pjax. Which is great, since now all I need to do is return a response that kirby knows how to read and it will load mycontent!
But this isn’t as easy as I thought it’ll be. I am returning what I think is the right response… (json with name, direction, title and content) - but kirby still redirects me to a “new” page.
In the process of trying to figure out why I run into the problem of the panel code being minified…

I can download the src code and use gulp to minfy it myself. But it might be helpful to know if you use any other tasks when you compile the code? or have any recommendations?

or maybe there is a way to tell kriby to load the unminified versions?

If you clone the Panel from GitHub, you should be able to run npm install and gulp watch from the main directory of the Panel. You can then change the source code and it will get recompiled automatically.

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Thanks I see it in the repo… didn’t think about it :slight_smile: