Why image selection is blocked into an admin panel template?

I’m working on a web project and set the whole administration system into an admin panel template but facing a problem. When I submit the forms, image does not selected while before template system was working perfectly. So, Friends would you help me in this regard…! What is the matter and what should I do to solve this problem?


Hello @attaatariq and welcome to the Forum.
I’m not sure I recognize the interface you’re using. This forum is dedicated to helping Kirby users. Is this website project you’re building using Kirby?

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No, This project i working on using PHP
and I’m new here even don’t know which type of website i can create using ‘Kibry’ and what is ‘Kibry’ ?
I’m actually looking for help for my project

Well, as @Thiousi already said, this forum is dedicated to users of the Kirby CMS. So I’m afraid we can’t really help you with your problem, unless you are using the Kirby toolkit for your project.

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Kirby is a content management system. The most famous content management system today is Wordpress. The main difference between Kirby and wordpress is that Kirby uses a flat-file system. This means that a database is not required to manage the website. This forum is a community dedicated to helping users specifically with regards to their questions with Kirby and building websites with Kirby.

I believe you should seek assistance with your project with the original creators of the code you are trying to use. If you need more general php help, http://stackoverflow.com/ is one of the most well-know help sites. I highly recommend reading this great guide about “asking for help”: http://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask

Good luck with your project :slight_smile:


Thank You Very Much :slight_smile:

No Problem, Thanks!
By the way general programming question perhaps allowed here!

Link to create website using ‘Kibry’?

You may want to check out the Kirby Showcase for examples of websites built using Kirby.

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The link @texnixe provided is a good sarting point :wink:

You’ll find a great documentation available on the site. You can even look at the source code of that site (which is obviously built with Kirby) on github! https://github.com/getkirby/getkirby.com

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