Image selection for layout image block


I’m searching for a way to select an existing image file for an image layout block. The “Kirby” option in the layout examples does not work for my case.

I’m working on my first Kirby site, still on localhost. The result will be a photography website (which already exists, but I want to migrate to Kirby instead of my old obsolete gallery script). The site will have two major elements - the gallery and a blog. In the blog articles I will describe photographic activities and would like to add images - which are placed in the above mentioned gallery. So, no extra uploads, no copies of the image files, just references to the files in the gallery.

Doing this, I tried to change the query in the blueprint of the site/blueprints/blocks/image.yml

    label: field.blocks.image.location
    type: radio
    columns: 2
    default: "kirby"
      kirby: Kirby
      web: Web
    type: files
    multiple: false
      back: black
    query: kirby
      template: blocks/image
      location: kirby

to for example:


“galerie/hamburg/city-nord” is a path in the content folder with a collection of images. This query works pretty well. But of course it is not the only folder in my “galerie” and now I’m looking for a way to select a folder first instead of hard-coding it like in the example above. Yes, I found a way to get a list of ALL images in my galerie, but I target to a high number of images … so this is not an option.

Are there options to build a folder selection first and then select an image from that folder?