Where do you host Git repositories with personal information (Europe/GDPR)?

I evaluate Kirby for future projects.

With the arise of GDPR, I am really careful about third-party services.

My issue is that Kirby allows to version control everything and I love that.

But where do I host the repository with sensitive user information and eventually form submissions?

GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket store their stuff outside of Europe, as far as I know. GitLab could be self-hosted, but that needs to be maintained.

How do other European makers handle that?

I have used self-hosted GitLab before, but it’s very complex to set up and maintain (each update has caused varying amounts of pain).

So I have set up a Gitea instance for my personal use. It is very lightweight, comparatively simple to install and update and works very well, for example on a Uberspace.

Thanks for the heads-up on Gitea, @lukasbestle!

Totally forgot that option.

Found a GitLab host with European server locations, but I think GitLab could be an overkill for Kirby (and it‘s pricey).


if you want to find more self hosted options you can find more information on this link: Choosing a Self-Hosted Git Service - paritybit.ca. There are lighter solutions to Gitea, it depends on the features you need.