When I upload code onto server, there is an error message at the bottom of the page which causes page to bug, however when I run it from my machine, no error message comes up

Hi all, I’m fairly new to developing and using Kirby so please forgive me if any of these questions seem silly or trivial.

I’ve developed a one page site that appears fine when I run it from my machine. However, after I’ve uploaded it on to the server, all the content is shifted and text styles are overridden resulting in the page looking buggy.

When I scroll to the bottom of the page, there is an error message on the Kirby side and realised when looking at developer tools, it was setting new body styles.

I ran the debug and it came up with these errors but am not sure what to do with this. It’s pointing me towards the filp/whoops folders but I’m very unfamiliar with all of this having never faced it before.

Please help!

You have to disable the imagick.so extension in your php.ini file. Imagick is not needed for Kirby.

To find the correct ini file, use phpinfo().