Sudden error in the site

I launched a website for a client a few months ago; and everything worked fine.
All of sudden, today we encountered an error in every page and there’s no way to access to the panel neither.

There hasn’t been any change in the code and the site works perfectly locally.

I activated the debug mode and this is what appears:

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '' (tried: /opt/alt/php74/usr/lib64/php/modules/ ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory), /opt/alt/php74/usr/lib64/php/modules/ (/opt/alt/php74/usr/lib64/php/modules/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory))

Also, this is what the panel shows:

The Panel cannot connect to the API

I’m starting to believe this is a problem with the server or the provider (GoDaddy), but they don’t seem to be really helpful.

Does someone else ever encountered something like this?
I’m getting crazy trying to figure this out :crazy_face:


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Have you enabled imagemagic in your php.ini? Could it be that Godaddy changed the PHP version without notice (or the notice was overlooked)?

Thanks for replying. I’ll try to localise the php.ini file now and check.
As per the PHP version, is running on 7.4.

This shouldn’t be a problem I guess?

Oh, I deactivated imagick from the php.ini file and everything seems to work now.
My question is – does this module need to be activated?

Only if you use the im thumbs driver in your config.

I just had this exact issue when publishing a website on a client’s GoDaddy server. Disabling ImageMagick seems to have resolved all issues.

I’m not a very technical user, but I’m hoping you might clarify what the Kirby documentation is stating. Is it implying that the ImageMagick drivers are included with Kirby but not used unless the user explicitly defines ImageMagick as the thumbs driver in their configuration file? The reason I ask is to understand whether or not there will be unintended consequences of disabling ImageMagick.

Imagick is a PHP extension (which in turn needs ImageMagick) that is not needed for Kirby at all (not even if you want to use ImageMagick).

You need ImageMagick to be installed on your server if you want to use KIrby’s im thumbs driver. But only then.

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Hi. I am new in web and I have the same problem. Do you can to send your php.ini file like example?