What’s the point of fields sections?

I’ve been using Kirby for a while now and I still haven’t quite understood the point of fields sections since it doesn’t make a visual difference in the panel whether or not I’m using any. I know that structurally they are elements with specific classes, and I also know that I could add some custom blueprint styles to change the look, but could there be some default styling for sections so that we can immediately see where sections start and end? And also, would it be feasible to add section titles as functionality?

I have the feeling that field sections have been implemented to extend their purpose in the future but as of now there is no real use for them. Or am I missing anything crucial here?

As long as your blueprint only has fields, you don’t need fields sections.

Once you want to add pages or files sections or any custom section and want to use fields as well in the same tab, you need fields sections.

Thanks. But in my opinion, the field sections functionality could be extended to be more useful on its own, as I suggested above.

Feel free to add such suggestions to the ideas repo.

To add more visual structure to a set of fields, you can use headline fields with or without number, or lines.