Headline in section of type fields

Hi all.

Regarding blueprint layouts (Kirby v3), it seems you cannot add a headline to a section of type fields. Is that true?I suppose it wouldn’t be any different than simply adding a headline field first to the section.

I’m after some visual grouping of fields that are stacked in the same column. I suppose the headline and line fields are at our disposal but they never quite pull off the clear separation I’m after. I want a dang outline around a group of fields and I want to label that group.

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Hm, apart from what you already mentioned (headline, line, info field), I don’t think there are other options.

Each field section creates its own form and fieldset, maybe you can apply custom styles to get something more visually separated (if need be in conjunction with the https://github.com/getkirby/plugins/issues/63 plugin)

Understood. Thanks for confirming @texnixe.