What happens if I delete the media folder?

I have a lot of audio files in my content folder.
I realized that somehow, everything has been duplicated under the media folder. That’s my fault, it was from a previous transfer.

I was wondering if I could delete the media folder safely? I tried to remove some files from it and it doesn’t seem to impact my content.

What is the point of the folder? Would it actually impact somehow the website / API? Would it delete anything or remove the different links / associations with the rest of the content in the panel?


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If you delete the media folder (which is for example recommended when you update Kirby), it will be recreated automatically. The media folder stores the Panel files and also duplicates all your media files from the content folder, and thumbs generated from these originals. So the media folder is necessary for Kirby to work, but you don’t have to do anything to make this work (apart from the right permission settings so that this folder can be created).


Good to know! Thanks @pixelijn!!

More background info here:

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