Media links lost on migration

I’m a bit confused on how the media are handled in the new Kirby…
When moving the media and content folders from one instal (online) to another (local), I seem to have lost all links to the images…
What am I missing here?
Thank you!

There is no need to move the media folder, all the files are recreated anyway.

Well if I erase what’s in the media folder, I lose all the images as well…
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you @texnixe

No, all images are in your content folder and moved to the media folder. The same will happen again, i.e. files moved again from content to media folder.

Maybe it is some sort of caching problem, not sure, but as I said, everything will be recreated.

The media folder is like a cache. It gets generated from the media in your content folders. You shouldn’t put things directly in the media folder.

OK my bad.
I was using running the local website the old way without kirby/router.php.
old habits…
Thanks for coping with me…

Maybe create a nice alias for that? run kirby or something like that…

I’m having some trouble with the media folder. I’ve changed a “resize” parameter to 80, and it seems like none of the images have been updated. When I look at the image size on my local machine, it’s like 300-400k, but online, each image is like 3 or 4 megabytes. When I download an image, the url has the dimensions and the quality in the filename as it should, but it’s still the full size 100% quality image. Any idea what’s going on?

local machine:
file generated online:

Have you pushed the media folder from local to the server?

I did, but then I deleted the whole thing. this is after it has been regenerated.

I know I was having trouble with file permissions, but I think I fixed that. Not sure if it’s related… I know also that it takes two page loads for the images to show up at all, even really small ones in the panel.

Do thumbnails actually get generated at all?

I didn’t have gd installed. that will do it. :sob: These are the dangers of starting from scratch with linode, kids.