What do I do if I have found a solution for a defective plugin, but the developer does not respond?

Sometimes it only takes a few small things to make a faulty plug-in compatible with Kirby 4.
However, it is a shame if the plug-in is no longer being developed and the developer does not respond to error messages.
What do you do in such a case?

Maybe fork, make the fixes you need and submit a PR?

Thanks for your tip.
Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with GitHub. I mainly used GitHub to report bugs.
If I create a fork and submit a PR, will the developer not respond to it either?

That might well happen if they have no time. Been bad with responding to issues myself, if you have too much on your plate, even little things can be just the bit too much.

You can try and if you get no response, use your forked version instead…

Unfortunately, this is a disadvantage that is now becoming increasingly noticeable when switching from Kirby 3 → 4. I therefore avoid the use of external plug-ins as far as possible.
With this plug-in, I was able to help myself with little effort. The solution is certainly also helpful for others who also use the plug-in. However, a look at the issues reveals the solution.