What determines which templates can be selected in panel?

I’m still playing around with the baseblog theme.

It has article.text.php, article.link.php and article.video.php in the template folder. I’ve added an article.test.php and changed its title within.

But I cannot select this new template when adding a new blog entry in the panel. Only the three aforementioned templates can be selected.

When I’m adding a new typo entry (another top level folder), I see my new article.test.php, as well as Search and Feed.

Where is that restriction set? I don’t see anything in the text files of the folders, I don’t see anything in the blueprints, and the documentation may say something about it, but not in a form that I can recognize as pertinent to this question.

I would have expected that in content/blog/blog.txt and content/typo/typo.txt, as described at the beginning of https://getkirby.com/docs/panel/blueprints/subpages-settings (Templates for Subpages), but those files contain no pages: setting

The restriction is set in the parent blueprint, called blog.php: https://github.com/sashtown/baseblog/blob/master/site/blueprints/blog.php

    - article.text
    - article.link
    - article.video

This is explained in the docs here.

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