Weird text formatting in select field

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hey everyone

i am getting some weird text formatting with my select field. the title of the queried page is

Kid's Meal Plan

but is being displayed as

Kid's Meal Plan

any idea why this is happening? wanted to ask here and check if it’s something on my end before creating an issue on gh.


my blueprint is fairly simple.

    label: Plan
    type: select
    options: query
    query: site.find('shop').children

thank you all for your time!

This is known issue and will be fixed soon:

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IMHO, the root cause is that you are not using the correct character. The correct character to indicate a possession (Kid’s Meal Plan) is an apostrophe, not a single quote. Single quote has character code 39, while the apostrophe character has 0146. Note the difference:

Single quote: '

Since the apostrophe character is usually not on a computers keyboard, we get accustomed ourself to use the single quote as a replacement. The single quote character however has a very special meaning in programming and thus get escaped by escaping libraries like the one Kirby is using.

Try using the apostrophe character, which can usually entered by pressing and holding the Alt-Key and then the sequence 0 1 4 6 on the numeric keypad.

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thank you so much for the explanation! :pray:t2: :sparkles: