Website project like a mini imagebank databases?

Hi there,

I have an upcoming project of a database of images where it will be needed to process a minimum of 5000 images and keeping the database growing.
I was wondering if Kirby could handle such an amount of datas, client sided? And if there’s an way to tag groups of selected images in a batch inside the Kirby back office? Like implementing checkbox and then tag the selection with multiple criterias, like tags, places, description, authors… A sort of mini DAM (Digital Assets Management)?

It would be great.


Currently, there is no built-in way to batch process images and I’m also not aware of a plugin that can do that.

Of course, you could create your own file view in the Panel that could handle that, but that would of course require some coding.

I’m reopening this post. Is it possible to export an Excel list which contains around 1400 images filenames with datas info in colums like city, country, etc. to a text file with tabs and import it into Kirby in order to recreate the all the datas?

What is a text file with tabs?

Yes, you can create pages and images programmatically from an Excel list.

Haha, my bad, more a tab-delimited Text (.txt) or a CSV UTF-8 (Comma-delimited) (.csv) export file from Microsoft Excel.

You mean Kirby can recreate pages and images directly from an xlsx or xlsm file out of the box?

Here? Content from a spreadsheet | Kirby CMS

No, you would have to convert to .csv, otherwise you would need a plugin that can read Excel sheets.