WebP color shift?

Hi there,
we’re trying to implement WebP for frontend website but we’re having serious color shift issues.
We are running imagick 3.7 on serverside.

Image on the Left is the WebP version and on the right is the sRGB Jpg file uploaded on the Panel.

How come WebP is not colour accurate? Is it intentional or a bug?

Many thanks.

The imagick PHP extension is irrelevant. Kirby supports ImageMagick if you enable it via the thumbs.driver config option. Otherwise gd is used.

This is what google says about webp color spaces

What color spaces does the WebP format support?

Consistent with the VP8 bitstream, lossy WebP works exclusively with an 8-bit Y’CbCr 4:2:0 (often called YUV420) image format. Please refer to Section 2, “Format Overview” of RFC 6386, VP8 Data Format and Decoding Guide for more detail.

Lossless WebP works exclusively with the RGBA format. See the WebP Lossless Bitstream specification.

Which might explain the color differences, but I’m no expert.