View & Edit mode in panel [plugin request]

What I have
I’ve built a fairly simple webshop. I know about Shopkit and Cartkit but I have no need for their more intricate features. Each order is stored as a page in the panel.

What I’m looking for
I’d like a way of having fields be readonly, but be editable when a user clicks a link/button. This action could be field per field, or could be page-wide. I was hoping somebody had already built a plugin like this.

I mocked it up with some html how it could work if it was a custom field type.

Why I think it’s useful
Order info doesn’t change very often, but a customer can contact the owner to change their address/delivery date. When all fields are editable the panel doesn’t offer a very clean overview of the order. I’d like to avoid building an additional view outside of the panel to display orders nicely (like Shopkit does, I think).

For other projects it might avoid accidental edits for sensitive data. In no way do I think this should be default behavior for the panel, that’s why I think it works better as a field type plugin.