Video streaming website (using Kirby?)

Good morning :~)

i’m commissioned to build a video archive site that should play a selection of video artworks on demand. Not really comfortable with using Vimeo embeds because of a) potential conflicting/confusing ownership rights when hosting on a a third party website (since you can’t embed private videos) and b) wanna integrate the upload process into the CMS as much as possible.

I’ve seen that Kirby integrates well with KeyCDN (the tutorials focus on images, but should work for video files as well, correct?)

In your experience, do you think it will be sufficient to use Kirby’s CDN integration to just upload videos in a reasonable quality from the panel? will I need to do some automated conversion to different resolutions or formats beforehand? If yes, do you have any recommendations what tools/workflows to use? Are there any solutions more oriented towards video streaming? Has anybody created a Kirby plugin for something like this?

Thankful for any hints! :sunny:

Already got a bunch of suggestions on the Discord server, to summarize:

  • vimeo is great because it takes care of transpiling and CDN for you, and it is also the cheapest solution
  • it is in fact possible to embed private videos from Vimeo which solves the first issue
  • there is no real vimeo kirby panel integration yet, maybe I’ll work on a plugin

thanks @krisa and @jonasfeige (hope i got the correct users) for sharing your research with me :~)

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