Kirby native video function no longer working on Chrome and Brave

The easy way of using video on Kirby does not work any longer on Chrome and Brave.

(video: sample.mp4 poster: sample.jpg)
(video: sample.mv4 poster: sample.jpg)
(video: poster: sample.jpg)

Those browsers are preferring WebM VP8/VP9. (which do not work on Safari and iOS)
Is there a way to convert uploaded files on the fly and offer both to the browsers?

You could use ffmpeg in conjunction with a file.create:after hook

You need to be able to install this command line tool on the server, though, then call through exec() in your PHP script.

Or you use a service like CloudConvert:

There’s also a plugin for this: CloudConvert | Kirby CMS

Thanks @texnixe, wow ffmpeg. Blast from the past.
For clients, I like to make things as easy as possible.
I will look into installing ffmpeg with command-lines.

I was hoping there would be a plugin by now, but vidembed by Hash&Salt @jimbobrjames only support one format too.