Video helper video()

How am I supposed to get OPTIONS to work ?
The video function loads the video(iframe), but no options are added to the url .
The expected options added to the url for vimeo is this ‘(&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0)’

$video = video(
    'title' => false,
    'byline' => false,
    'portrait' => false

Thank you darling ! It works like a charm…

$video = video(
         $options = [
            'vimeo' => [
               'title' => false,
               'byline' => false,
               'portrait' => false,
               'muted' => true,
               'autoplay' => true,
               'loop' => true,
               'background' => false
            'youtube' => [
               'whatever' => true

Entering wrong video url results in:
throw new Exception('Unexpected video type');
and craches site… and turning of debug mode gives this:

This page is currently offline due to an unexpected error. 
We are very sorry for the inconvenience and 
will fix it as soon as possible.

The video function should not crash the entire site right ? It should check and return false if invalid url is given… ?


I don’t know if this is by design for debugging purposes or not. You could wrap using the function within a try-catch block to react on the exception yourself. And create an issue on GitHub.