UUID blues - duplicate UUIDs from copy/paste in filesystem not detected when working in the panel


I just ran into a headscratchy issue that turned out to be based around the UUID. I now wonder if I managed to create an edge case or if there is something missing in regard of the uniqueness of, well, UUIDs.

I just built a site that I developped locally by starting with the filesystem and then as I progressed, enabled the panel for content and editor-friendly things, BUT I also kept working in the filesystem.
In doing so, I somehow duplicated an existing page via the filesystem and later modified that content- and template-wise.

Very much later, indeed after the launch of the site, I now had the (to me) strange effect, that a change in a pages field didn’t get saved. As from my intro you now might expect, that had nothing to do with “kirby isn’t saving my changes” in the live site, as I first suspected, but (quite after a while of looking in several places and debugging) I mananged to change between two pages in the pages field select that both had the same UUID. dang.

Now I’am all for taking the blame, but I wonder if there’s a way that Kirby could have warned/detected the multiple UUIDs?


PS: And, since we’re in a UUID topic, is there any progress/outlook to UUIDs for structured fields?

Yes, I can confirm that if users copy-paste pages manually in the content folder, there is an issue of duplicated UUIDs, and strange things start to happen.

Several of my clients managed to create that issues by manually duplicating pages in the content folder. One of the issues was sorting pages. It didn’t work.

I think the best approach is to disable UUIDs in the options as long as you create content manually (especially when duplicating), and then enable it only when you start creating pages through the Panel only, otherwise can easily end up in a mess.

No news at the moment, at least not that I know of.

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One client tells me that he solved the issue by deleting the duplicated UUID on the duplicated page, and the issue was solved. He says Kirby generated a new UUID for that page.

Although I didn’t test myself so I can’t guarantee this is true. But the fact is that the issue is solvable because I see on the client’s website that he doesn’t have the issue anymore.