Using the pages dialog component in a plugin

I would like to use this pages dialog (<k-pages-dialog/>) in a plugin to select a page:


Looking at other uses of this component, I seemingly need to define some kind of endpoints for it to work. Just using this.$refs['pagesDialog'].open() doesn’t work obviously. But how do I define these endpoints? And what does the pages dialog component expect? After looking at the source code and other plugins I can’t find anything useful.

Here’s the repository of my plugin with the recent pages dialog commit:

The endpoints relate to api endpoint created by your field.
Have a look at the original pages field.

If you define a pattern like 'pattern' => 'test' for example you would be able to make request to the endpoint with something like this:

methods: {
  test(data) {
    return this.$api
      .post(this.endpoints.field + '/test', data)
      .then(response => {

I think you should be good to go if you just copy the api part from the pages field. If you keep the /get-pages endpoint you would of course need to change the pattern accordingly.

Thanks a lot for your help, Lukas!

I had to additionally borrow the pageResponse method from the pages field, and now it works!