User Instructions in custom Block

Hi all!
I have a custom block to which I would like to add an info field for user instructions.

However when I add the field to the blueprint the Side-Panel of the block is not shown anymore.

Is there a way to do that?
I was assuming that you can use any field as you would in other blueprints. Is that incorrect?

The blueprint I am using:

name: My super block
icon: bell
    type: writer
    type: select
      Slow but cheap
    type: info
    label: Info
    text: Some instructions


Hm, I just tested this and worked for me. Or what exactly do you mean with


Guess you mean the so called Drawer?

Thanks for your Feedback!
Yes exactly, the drawer.

For some reason it seems to work, I can’t reproduce why it did not.
I have rebuilt the blueprint from the one I posted here and now it works.
My original instructions had colons and maybe that messed up the blueprint.

Anyway, thank you so much for your swift reply!