User Fields Multi Language

Haven’t seen any ways to have multi language user fields other than doing it the manual way such as:

  label: German Url
  type: something
  label: English Url
  type: something

which is obviously not very adjustable when adding more languages, as the manual entry for fields have to be done as well. so any solution to that?

Users are not translatable. What is your use case? Are these users Panel users? If not, you could create users in the content section instead.

they are panel users.


May be you want to look at Custom user form fields for details of a user blueprint.

There you can use all known fields and field technics. May be a structured field with entries for every language of the user…

Good luck!

I am already doing that. but as @texnixe said user fields are not translatable, so i either addmore fields / or structures, or connect user profiles with a subpage which can be translated.

Yes, I know. But what about to use two fields for each link like language and link. The user knows the language of every link… May be the language is a selection of the supported languages of the website, if you want?

If it’s just the links, I’d probably stick with the additional fields. If there is more content, like a bio or several different fields you want to add in multiple languages, I’d use additional pages, and maybe use a custom field to link to those pages in an easy way. You could then use hooks to auto create those user subpages.

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it’s actually one textarea field per user (which acts like a short user-description) which should be available in each available language, while other fields like twitter/url could stay non-translated.

i know there are several options to get it done, but preferable would be within the users section… no need to bother to set up permissions and everything if a user won’t edit his editor account within the users section :sweat:

i guess since adding languages is not a frequent thing to do, having an additional field is acceptable, no need to think too hard about breaking a head though the wall…