Blueprint field type users (multilanguage)

Hi there,

I’m building a multilanguage website in both NL (default) and EN.
We create events and for every event I want to add registrations.
The registrations is a “users” field.

Problem: when you add the registrations in the EN language (not default), these registrations don’t show up on the NL version of the page.

How do I make sure that a “users” field always shares the same data, no matter what language is selected in the panel/website?

You can set the translate property to false

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Im a bit lost still, where do I add that property exactly? :see_no_evil:
Is there a link to the documentation?

I want to disable translations for the field registrations (type users), but everything else should be translated (NL and EN)

Found the documentation here: Users | Kirby CMS

Thanks for the quick reply, as always <3