Upgraded multilang setup rc-2 to 3.0.0 keeps crashing in non debug mode

i have an rc-2 devkit setup which i upgraded to 3.0.0. everything works fine in debug mode but once disabled it keeps crashing and shows the generic error message (“turn on debug mode”). this happens at apache mamp and real webserver.

there are only metafiles for all pages in the default language (de). removing and adding the addition language (en) does not create these. panel works fine.

debug disabled and using xdebug on mamp apache yields a lot of exceptions for non existing en (non default language) content files.

i got more than 200 pages. so i can not easily test if adding en-meta files will fix this. maybe with a script of some sort.

any ideas?

debug mode is false

  • mamp/webserver with php 7.2.1 on apache => fails with generic error screen
  • nginx via valet php 7.2.1 => pages render as expected

and before anyone is asking… yes i got some of my plugins installed and i am checking them if they might cause this at some point or another, but i have not found anything yet.