500 error on home, panel working, debug mode does nothing

Hi there,

I’ve uploadded a kirby 3 site (which is in development), to a server.

(the ul process is actually git pushing to a bare repo, and then a post-receive folder which checks out the site htdocs/)

Locally everything works.

On the server, the panel works, but not the site, I get a “This page is currently offline due to an unexpected error. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible.” error.

Debug is true as in:

return [
	'debug' => true

…but no debug output appears

Default .htaccess is there.

This uses apache with php 7.2 and all required modules are installed.

How can I troubleshoot further?


Nothing in the server php error logs?

This server logs to a single php.log file which seems empty.

Permissions seem fine, 644 /755.

First, I’d deactivate Whoops in the config. Then try setting error display to true in your php.ini.

Hm, ok so config was wrongly written.
Once fixed I AM getting debug error:

The home page does not exist

Is it refering to content? template?

Is there a home folder? Or if not, a config setting that defines another folder as the homepage?

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Now there is and everything works.
Sorry, this seems a basic mistake on my side regarding the content folder.

Thank you

Perhaps it may be useful to someone to mention that the reason behind my mistake is that I gitignored the content folder, and after pushing, I recreated it by terminal via ssh on the remote server, but … well… forgot home, error, site…
Thanks again