Updated to latest version of Kirby, now wrong image aspect ratio in galleries

I recently updated my version of Kirby to the latest stable release 3.6.6. Prior to that, I had not updated anything since 2020. I have a plugin called kirby-lightbox-gallery that allows me to create Lightbox galleries within my pages by typing (gallery: image1.jpg image2.jpg). I also have the “gallery” plugin so that I can create standalone image galleries. Both of these forms of galleries are still working, however I have noticed the aspect ratio of the images is now off on both – portrait images now take up much more space in each row. Essentially it is no longer resizing the thumbnails to be the same height. Prior to this, all the images would be the same height, giving a nice uniform layout.

Does anyone else have experience with this, and how I might go about fixing this? My desire is that portrait and landscape images would resize to have the same height, so all rows have the same height in a gallery. I believe all the thumbnails were cropped to a square previously…

The only other thing I can think of, is maybe it is not related to the plugins, but rather the images in my media folder. As part of the upgrade process, I deleted the media folder as recommended. So I assume Kirby is going to reprocess all my images? And if not, how do I manually trigger it to recreate all the thumbnails of appropriate sizes?

Somehow it has fixed itself, and I am not sure how. It might be related to updating and verifying the correct extensions were enabled in PHP, something else I was working on at the same time.