Unwanted URL change via Panel

Hey there.

Kirby 2.2.3 shows some weird behaviour, maybe it’s some kind of misconfiguration though: When I edit some attribute of a page, the URL slug / foldername get’s overwritten (which is pretty unfortunate).

I have a list of employees (e.g. John Anderson, Charles Brown, George Clark), all of them as a single subpage (with additional fields like phone, email, …) of a listing page. On that page they should be ordered alphabetically by last name so the initial list all had “0-” prepended for the folder names: 0-anderson-j, 0-brown-c, 0-clark-g, …

Blueprint settings for the containing page employees.php :

  de: Mitarbeiter
  en: Employees
  template: employee
  num: zero
      de: Titel
      en: Title
    type: text

When I create a new page, I enter a title, e.g. “Mister Max Payne”, adjust the URL accordingly to 0-payne-m and save, all is well.

If I change anything on an employee page though, (e.g. the email adress), and hit save, all of a sudden the URL slug (and folder name) now read 0-mister-max-payne and of course the list is not ordered correctly anymore.

So I manually have to change the folder name (!) everytime I change something on a page. I’m not able to readjust the URL to the previous format in the panel since clicking on save reverts the filename based to the above format based on the title.

What am I doing wrong?

This is a duplicate of this topic. The reason for the issue is the num: zero option.

There is also an issue on GitHub with a temporary fix.

Alright – while the fix enables me to change the url slug via the panel, at least the display of the url path (below the title) is still not in sync with the foldername / actual URL.

Saving does not reset the actual foldername / URL anymore though.


Addendum: “not in sync” meaning that a Url-key value is appended to the file everytime i save

Thanks for letting us know. I have added this detail to the GitHub issue.