Unique og open graph tags for child pages visible only to Facebook

Is there a recommended way, to provide unique og meta data to crawlers like Facebook, but allow a human visiting the link to go to the parent’s overview page? I’m building a podcast collection page with a Facebook share link that should provide Facebook og data for a single podcast. There is no designed page for humans to visit for a single podcast–they see everything they need on the podcasts overview.

In other words, if a real person visits the link, it should route to the podcast overview and change the url to a hash that moves to an anchor tag (I can do that part), but when the Facebook Crawler looks at the shared url, it should see the child page with the og metadata (how?). I think I’ve used agent strings to identify the facebook crawler before but was hoping there was a more straightforward way.

The following image shows the podcast overview page and that by clicking on a podcast, you will see a unique facebook share icon that would like to the invisible page with the og data for sharing on Facebook. But when humans click that link, they should come back here.

EDIT: could it still be checking for “facebook” in their user agent string using this method? $visitor->userAgent() | Kirby CMS I just didn’t know the reliability of their agent string.