Unique blueprint used multiple times

I’m making a website that uses tabs to navigate through different categories.

title: Site

    extends: tabs/living
    label: Kitchen

    extends: tabs/living
    label: Bedroom
  seo: seo/site

For that exemple, kitchen & bedroom shares the same tabs blueprint that is called “living”.
I’d like living to be a base for all the rooms so I can manage them using only one blueprint : “living”.

icon: search
    label: Doing
    type: text
    label: Color
    type: color

Actually, it’s displayed properly but I have to found a way to use the tags with some kind of prefix, or something that would make them unique to each category.
Because it looks fine in Kitchen, but the Bedroom obviously tells me that the field name "doing" already exists in your blueprint.

I would know if you think of the best practice to apply for each room, in that example, a custom color.


I think the only way to solve this is using programmable blueprints.

If you want to go down that route, you could read your basic “living” blueprint then loop through the field to create new ones with different keys for each of the fields.

Thanks, i’ll dig that!