Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.pagination.page') error in panel

I keep getting this error on my live site after updating to K4 late betas and even current active version (4.0.3).
It’s usually when going in to one of the article pages to edit, or even create a new article.

Safari latest 17.2.1 on macOS latest 14.2.1 (23C71)
Note, likely relevant:
I may have disabled some pagination code years ago (2019) that may require looking at, but i don’t want to bug my live site until my new site is ready.

Another note hopefully it’s relevant:
For the last little while (since i don’t publish that often) it wasn’t a problem, but now I notice I can’t attach uploaded images into the textarea, the Upload->Select creates an empty modal with locked background and there’s no dialog to select the image. Clicking out of the dialog works, though.

Oh, cleared the cache and session folder for each v of Kirby that I tried with it.
No other real info that I can think of.

Any ideas?
Not urgent.

I’m not a javascript dev or fan, but if there’s some browser output logs or error messages I should be looking for to get this solved, please drop some tips!

Was just going to suggest you enable debug mode and check the browser console.

Didn’t understand your remark about changes to the pagination back in 2019. If you did that in the source code, your changes would have been overwritten when you updated Kirby.

But did you also clear the media folder? That is the most important folder to clear when updating.

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Oh, right! Derple me.

I really should find that plugin for destroying cache on the server. I really don’t need it that often, but I should read up about caching anyway.

will check it out. Otherwise it will have to wait until i wipe the server directory and upload the new site (soon).

Ah, I meant the source in my code, not Kirby code (my templates and controlers, etc.)