Markdown field pagelink error

I’m using the markdown field plugin and have added a pagelink button. For some reason it doesn’t work, it just returns the error “t.models is undefined” when I click this button. This is what the console brings up:

TypeError: "t.models is undefined"



TypeError: n.$refs.dialog is undefined app.js:1:19320

I seem to remember that it used to work before. Anybody got any idea what the issue could be?

What do you mean by “I have added a button”? The field does have a pagelink button by default?

Which Kirby version are use using? What other plugins are installed?

Sorry for being unclear. The markdown field has a link button for inserting custom URLs but there is also a “pagelink” button that is supposed to show a list of all existing pages of the site, and that one is broken. My blueprint for this field looks like this:

  type: markdown
  label: Intro
  required: true
  size: small
    family: sans-serif
    - bold
    - italic
    - divider
    - link
    - pagelink
    - divider
    - ul
    - ol
    - blockquote

The Kirby version is 3.3.0 (just noticed that there is an update, so I’m going to do that now) and other installed plugins are builder, cachebuster, color palette, feeds and xmlsitemap

I just checked and the pagelink works in a 3.3.3 Starterkit. Let us know if an update fixes it for you, otherwise, please check without the plugins to see if anything interferes.

OK, I updated Kirby and the Markdown plugin (because apparently there was also a newer version) and now it works. Thanks.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to see which version of a plugin is installed, is there?

You could add custom checks to

Or write a small extension yourself that gets the information from plugins, provided they have a composer.json file with the version:

$plugins = $kirby->plugins();
foreach ($plugins as $plugin) {
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